The Natural Markings of The Cowhide Rug

Cowhide is a stunning and versatile material that you may be eager into introduce to your home décor. Many people are drawn to cowhide rugs for use as a floor covering, but this material also looks fabulous hanging on a wall. Another decorative idea is to sprawl it across an armchair or along the back of a sofa. In addition to its decorative versality, it is a popular material to decorate with because of its durability and its hypoallergenic properties. Perhaps the most significant draw, however, is in the gorgeous coloring and markings of natural cowhide. Before you bring cowhide into your home, you should understand the incredible variations in natural markings and what this means for your home decorating efforts.
Extensive Variations in Natural Markings
When you initially think about cowhide markings, you may think about uneven splotches of black and white that are common markings with many cows. However, this color scheme is only one variation that you may choose from. Consider that cowhide is naturally available in beige and cream tones. Other options include rust, lighter and darker grays, dark chocolate, light brown, taupe and more. Some natural markings give you a hide that is a solid hue or that is mottled with shades that are slightly off from the primary hue. Others, however, have intense spots or marks. Uneven striations and even blending from darker to lighter tones across the hide are possibilities. With so many natural marking variations as well as color combinations, you can see that you have numerous decorating possibilities to consider. In addition, these variations mean that you can almost certainly find the right cowhide to incorporate into your home décor.

The Exquisite Texture of Cowhide

The aesthetic appeal of cowhide is enhanced by the gorgeous texture of the material. While some hides and furs have very fine, thin hairs that are exquisitely soft to the touch, cowhide has coarse fur with thick hairs. This creates visible texturing across the entire surface of the material. While the fur is thick and coarse, it is nonetheless soft to the touch. This makes it the perfect material to use as a floor covering or as a throw.
If you are thinking about incorporating cowhide into your home décor for any purposes, it makes sense to take a closer look at the many options available. Because there is no uniformity to the natural markings of cowhide, you typically can select the exact rug that you want to purchase online. Searching online for a rug with preferred markings is an easier way to shop for your rug. When placing your order, review the dimensions of the rug to ensure that it meets all of your needs from a decorative standpoint.