The Natural Markings of The Cowhide Rug

Cowhide is a stunning and versatile material that you may be eager into introduce to your home décor. Many people are drawn to cowhide rugs for use as a floor covering, but this material also looks fabulous hanging on a wall. Another decorative idea is to sprawl it across an armchair or along the back of a sofa. In addition to its decorative versality, it is a popular material to decorate with because of its durability and its hypoallergenic properties. Perhaps the most significant draw, however, is in the gorgeous coloring and markings of natural cowhide. Before you bring cowhide into your home, you should understand the incredible variations in natural markings and what this means for your home decorating efforts.
Extensive Variations in Natural Markings
When you initially think about cowhide markings, you may think about uneven splotches of black and white that are common markings with many cows. …